How to copy và paste from If the tệp tin is editable, open it in belyvn.comelement, click the Edit button to lớn copy and paste the nội dung directly. Generally, you can"t copy from files without a proper editor to lớn enable the copy và paste function. If the document is a scanned file, then the content is actually an image instead of text that can be copied. If the document is secured with certain restrictions, it will also be difficult lớn copy content. Luckily, we"ve outline three efficient methods for helping you copy và paste from files with belyvn.comelement - Editor.

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Part 1: Why Can"t I Copy and Paste from a 2: Copy và Paste from (Including Scanned/Secured belyvn.coms)Part 3: How to lớn Copy và Paste from in ReaderPart 4: How to Copy from with Converter ProPart 5: How to lớn Copy & Paste from Online

Part 1: Why Can"t I Copy & Paste from a

Several potential reasons prevent users from copying text from a document onto other platforms. One of the major concerns involving this is the pre-settings of the document. If the document is read-only, it is nearly impossible khổng lồ copy & paste content from a document. With users unable to lớn make any changes in the document, they cannot select the text written within it.

In other cases, your document can be password-protected, not allowing other people to copy and paste nội dung from the Protecting the document is equivalent to understanding that the tác giả or distributor of the document has not allowed you khổng lồ duplicate the document.

Part 2: Copy và Paste from (Including Scanned/Secured belyvn.coms)

Method 1: Copy & Paste from Scanned

If your tệp tin is scanned, the nội dung will not be actual text. You won"t be able khổng lồ copy from the directly. This means you"ll need khổng lồ use the OCR feature khổng lồ make the editable & then copy and paste from the

Step 1. Xuất hiện a Scanned in belyvn.comelement

After launching belyvn.comelement, drag & drop your scanned or image-based file into the program window or click "Open files" to mở cửa it.


Step 2. Start to Copy and Paste from

Click on the Perform OCR button on the đứng đầu notification bar. A pop-up window will appear where you can also adjust the language settings. Once OCR is performed, all the document content will be editable & can be selected. You can then use the mouse khổng lồ select the text, image, or table you want to lớn copy. Copy the item và paste it into a separate document as required.


Method 2: Copy và Paste from Secured

If the document is restricted with a password, you may not copy content. However, you can still copy & paste from this kind of tệp tin if you have the password. After opening your secured document in this program, click the "Enable Editing" button to lớn enter the password. Then follow the above steps to lớn copy & paste nội dung from your We"ve also provided several other solutions to lớn help you copy text from secured belyvn.coms without a password.


Part 3: How lớn Copy and Paste from in Reader Reader is an offline reader that provides extensive services to its users across a không tính tiền interface. Numerous functions can be performed across the platform with the help of its proficient features. If you are looking at how khổng lồ copy & paste from documents using Reader, you are advised khổng lồ follow the steps as explained below.

Step 1. Open in Reader

Download và install Reader on your desktop. Once installed, launch the platform on your device & tap on “Open files” to lớn import the document.


Step 2. Copy the Text & Paste

Once you have imported the document across the platform, you can easily select the text using the mouse. Select the text that is to lớn be copied.

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Once you have selected the appropriate text on the document, you need to right-click with your mouse & select the option of "Copy Text" or use the shortcut of CTRL+C. As desired, the text is copied, which can now be easily pasted across any other document.


Part 4: How to Copy from with Converter Pro Converter Pro is a tool that helps us convert files khổng lồ editable documents. It supports converting files to editable Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and HTML files, which you can then copy and paste content from. Both Windows and Mac versions of the program are available for download.

Step 1. Import belyvn.coms & Select the đầu ra Format

Launch Converter Pro. Click "Add Files" khổng lồ browse your computer for the files you want to copy và paste from. Up to lớn 200 files are supported each time. To lớn save time, you can import an array of files. To select the output đầu ra format, choose Microsoft Word on the right side of the pane.

Step 2. Copy và Paste Text from output đầu ra Documents

Click the "Convert" button khổng lồ convert files lớn editable Microsoft Word documents. After the conversion, you"re able to kiểm tra the output Word document by clicking the thư mục icon on the thành quả bar. After opening these đầu ra Word documents, you can easily copy and paste the content.

To quickly & easily copy & paste nội dung from your file, all you need to vì is download and install Converter Pro on your computer. Follow the steps below lớn convert files khổng lồ editable documents that allow text to lớn be easily copied & pasted. Here is the Windows version as an example:

This converter can help you convert khổng lồ other formats. You can then copy and paste from your freely.The OCR feature gives users a solution for read-only và uneditable files. With it, you can edit scanned documents easily.To save time, showroom multiple files. You can convert them together within seconds.Aside from the batch conversion feature, users can select a page range for each document and convert different files into different formats at once. This is also useful if you are wondering how to copy pages from files.

Part 5: How khổng lồ Copy và Paste from Online

If you are looking for a quick method that features copying and pasting nội dung from documents, you can consider working on online platforms. belyvn.comFiller is one of the best online tools you can find across the internet. Lớn understand how khổng lồ copy-paste from using belyvn.comFiller, you need lớn follow the steps as shown below.

Step 1: You need to access the official website of belyvn.comFiller on your device. Following this, access its editor & tap on “Add New Document” to import the document across the platform.

Step 2: Once done, you need lớn select the document"s text. For this, tap on any text to size a box around it. Following this, you can easily select the text within the formed box.

Step 3: Right-click on the text và select "Copy" from the drop-down menu displayed across the screen. The text is copied và can be easily pasted across any other document.