Shut Down, Sleep, Or Hibernate Your Pc

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địa chỉ cửa hàng or Remove 'Look For an ứng dụng in the Microsoft Store' Context menu in Windows 11 How khổng lồ Turn Optimizations for Windowed Games On or Off in Windows 11 How to lớn Change OEM Information & System hàng hóa Name & in Windows 10 & 11 Is Kaspersky Antivirus Safe? How khổng lồ Fix Print khổng lồ PDF Missing in Windows 10 & 11 How to Turn Smart phầm mềm Control On or Off in Windows 11 How to lớn Change Mouse Sensitivity (Pointer Speed) in Windows 10 và 11 Show Your support for a Donation How lớn Disable or Enable Remember My Apps in Windows 11 How khổng lồ Enable Sound kiểm tra on Your iPhone » Overview» Tutorials and đoạn phim Guides » How to lớn Disable or Enable Hibernate in Windows 10 & 11
Hibernate is when Windows 10 saves an image of the Windows kernel & drivers into memory (C:hiberfil.sys) when your computer sleeps & then loads that hiberfile to resume rather than restart your computer. In this tutorial, we show you how to enable or disable hibernate.-=- Advertisement -=-
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1: Enable or Disable Hibernate With PowerShellOpen PowerShell as admin

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Disable Hibernate - powercfg -h offEnable Hibernate - powercfg -h onNote - Once you disable hibernate, the hiberfil.sys will automatically be deleted, freeing up drive space.Open your advanced power options và verify Critical battery kích hoạt and Low battery action is not set to lớn Hibernate.

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2: Enable or Disable Hibernate in SettingsGo to lớn Advanced nguồn Options & expand Sleep > Hibernate after.Disable Hibernate - Settings (Minutes) NeverEnable Hibernate - Settings (Minutes) set time lớn hibernate
Enable or Disable Hibernate in the RegistryDownload the registry files from
.Double-click on Disable Hibernate.reg lớn disable or Enable Hibernate.reg khổng lồ enable. Click twice when prompted.When you enable Hibernate, you"ll need lớn go khổng lồ the Advanced power nguồn settings và choose the Hibernate time, as explained in Step 2 above.Similar: Sleep, Hibernate or Shut Down Your PC? How to địa chỉ or Remove Sleep, Hibernate or Lock to lớn the Start menu in Windows 10. How lớn Turn Fast Startup On or Off in Windows 10 How khổng lồ Turn on the Windows 10 Ultimate Performance power nguồn Plan How to Delete or Restore Windows nguồn Plans How lớn Import or Export a power nguồn Plan in Windows 10 How to địa chỉ cửa hàng Allow Sleep with Remote Opens power Settings