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This thread has been locked due khổng lồ no new replies for a long time. You can start a new thread to nội dung your ideas or ask questions.

I did thiết lập the Repeater successfully in Tether.

The repeater shows that its working properly (picture 1)

but when i try lớn connect my phone khổng lồ this repeater wifi named Chukapi, its just loading (picture2)

i even wait it khổng lồ connectfor 2-3 minutes but it still cannot connect

i tried lớn restart my phone & reset the repeater but it still happens & cannot connect lớn the repeater.

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This repeater i just bought yesterday, new 100%.



Thank you for your detailed post.

It is recommended khổng lồ confirm WA854RE is the on the latest firmware : (select hardware version first and tải về the latest firmware)

Try a different device lớn connect khổng lồ range extender WiFi & see if it could connect to lớn RE"s SSID.

It is recommended to lớn set up a different SSID for RE from router"s SSID.

Turn off Advanced settings on router lượt thích Access Control/ Parental Control/ Band steering like this FAQ:

If the above does not help, may I know the firmware and hardware version of your RE. What is the model of your home router and the network topology, and also the mã sản phẩm of your iPhoneas well, thank you

(How to lớn findthe hardware & firmware version of your deviceson the Tether tiện ích ):

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