Players sometimes want to know how khổng lồ uninstall League of Legends (LoL) in order lớn get away from all the pain that it’s causing them when they either thảm bại too many games in a row or encounter teammates that flame them or ruin their games with their actions.

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Other reasons include spending too much time on the game away from the responsibilities of real life.

Regardless of what the reasons are, uninstalling the game is easy.

The difficult part, however, is learning how to lớn be in control, whether you continue playing LoL or not.

Let’s address that before I show you how to lớn uninstall League of Legends.


How khổng lồ Uninstall League of Legends

Just go to lớn Control Panel > select Programs và then tìm kiếm for Garena or League of Legends > Click uninstall & you’re done.

The Right Attitude When Playing LoL

The right attitude when playing League of Legends, or any other game for that matter, does not stem from wanting to lớn win at any cost. It stems from a desire khổng lồ master the game và fully understand it.

If your goal is to simply climb the ladder, you’re doing it the wrong way.

Imagine that you’re a pro player và you’re playing in Gold I.

Will you win every game? Of course not, because you still depend upon what other players are doing.

If the rest of your team is a disaster, you will inevitably lose the trò chơi regardless of how skilled you are. However, if you get a win rate of 60%, you get the equivalent of trăng tròn games’ worth of points.

And inevitably, you will rank up, regardless of how good or bad your teammates are.

Consider martial arts or tennis or football or any other game.

You probably wouldn’t expect lớn be in the đứng top leagues và tournaments in those games if you had just three months or even three years of training in them. Và that’s because, in competitive games, your skill is relative to lớn other people’s skills.

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If you’re good but others are better, you’re actually bad.

The best players understand this và don’t care as much about winning pubs as they vị about mastering certain areas of the game and then applying their enhanced knowledge to future matches.

What you need to lớn understand is this: winning is an effect of a cause. That cause is your understanding of the game & your prowess.

If you’re better than your current division, over a period of weeks or months it will become quite obvious, because you will have a win rate of more than 1/2 and you will rank up.

How to Give Up LoL

Anything that you’ve been doing for more than a few weeks becomes a habit, and the more you do it, the closer it gets to becoming an addiction.

Some addictions are bad (alcohol), others are good (reading), others are neutral (gaming in general).

Some will tell you that many clip games are so challenging they actually train your brain to think strategically & solve problems, so they’re not exactly harmful if you don’t cross a certain line.

But that line is more lượt thích two hours a day, not 10.

The reason why you want lớn uninstall League of Legends is probably caused by some painful in-game experience.

In that case, don’t even bother with uninstalling it, because you’ll find yourself reinstalling it in a couple of days.

When the negative emotions associated with the loss fade away, your desire to start playing again will kick in.

However, if you bởi want lớn quit, just set out to quit for at least three months & plan ahead of time what are you going to bởi with all that extra time.

League of Legends is probably giving you a lot of joy, even if it’s painful sometimes, so you need lớn figure out some ways of getting that satisfaction from other sources.