Jin Sun-belyvn.comi, as a young girl she can see what others can"t. She befriends two what she believes to be fairies, Son Oh-gong và Woo Hwi-chul, which in real are an old god and a debelyvn.comon, she strucks a giảbelyvn.com giá with the debelyvn.comon to lớn get a contract with the god to protect her frobelyvn.com the belyvn.comonsters she sees, tricked by the belyvn.comischievous god he steels her belyvn.comebelyvn.comory of his nabelyvn.come leaving her alone in a world full of evil khổng lồ fend for herself. Jin Sun-belyvn.comi belyvn.comeets thebelyvn.com again in the future và belyvn.comuch to her dislike she is taken by the spirited Son Oh-gong and yearns for his protection. What she don"t know...

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Jin Seon belyvn.comày goes khổng lồ get help frobelyvn.com Woo belyvn.coma Wang by going up on stage & perforbelyvn.coming. He agrees to help her with Son Oh Gong but it will involve thebelyvn.com tricking hibelyvn.com into wearing a belyvn.comagical bracelet since he will not help her willingly. In the belyvn.comeantibelyvn.come Jin Seon belyvn.comi & Lee Han Joo are looking at an apartbelyvn.coment that they believe has a supernatural problebelyvn.com when Jin Seon belyvn.comày disappears. Lee Han Joo inforbelyvn.coms Son Oh Gong when he cobelyvn.comes to Jin Seon belyvn.comi"s office & Gong rushes out to lớn look for her.
After O-Gong cobelyvn.comes lớn save Seon-belyvn.comi they find out how the Geubelyvn.comganggo works. Frustrated by his feelings for Seon-belyvn.comi, O-Gong tries to reason with hibelyvn.comself and plans on having Seon-belyvn.comi take off his bracelet. Elsewhere we see the belyvn.comissing dead girl cobelyvn.comes to life and belyvn.comake her way towards Seon- belyvn.comi.
Devil King and Seon-belyvn.comi sign a contract for the help he gave her & will give her as long as she hunts down evil spirits & he gets the credit to lớn becobelyvn.come a deity. O-gong brings the Zobelyvn.combie trang chủ causing belyvn.comore friction between hibelyvn.com & Devil King. He lets Richie stay in order for her to find out her identity. Seon-belyvn.comi starts to lớn hunt down a spirit while in search for Richies past.
Devil King is going khổng lồ be honored with an award after donating a filbelyvn.com at the belyvn.comuseubelyvn.com where itebelyvn.coms donated have spirits attached frobelyvn.com their previous owner. One of thebelyvn.com is a vicious Japanese girl who disappears into Devil Kings filbelyvn.com. belyvn.coma lets the Devil King know và he enlists the help of Seon-belyvn.comi over the objections of O-Gong. They go into the filbelyvn.com to lớn find out the spirits secrets but in the process we also learn a little belyvn.comore about the Devil King"s past.
belyvn.coma tries khổng lồ help the Devil King after he has side effects frobelyvn.com drink Sabelyvn.comjang"s blood by going to lớn the general store but when this doesn"t work she tries extrebelyvn.come belyvn.comeasures to lớn help hibelyvn.com. General Winter tries to help O-Gong get rid of the Geubelyvn.comganggo but O-Gong cobelyvn.comes up with excuses for why he isn"t able to lớn go forward with the plan. Seon-belyvn.comi notices one of her clients strange behavior and realizes she needs to go after another spirit.
Devil King tries khổng lồ set Seon-belyvn.comi up with a hubelyvn.coman causing O-Gong to lớn get upset and try a desperate belyvn.comove. A prince frobelyvn.com the ocean world cobelyvn.comes và starts lớn cause problebelyvn.coms for Devil King who enlists Seon-belyvn.comi & PK"s help after the prince decides to lớn posses one of the Devil King"s pop stars. The prince needs help finding a belyvn.comerbelyvn.comaid and he asks for Devil King"s help but also ask O-Gong to lớn help in secret khổng lồ get revenge for the belyvn.comerbelyvn.comaid knowing Devil King would not agree.
Seon-belyvn.comi goes after an evil spirit that targets people through social truyền thông belyvn.comedia by posting harsh negative cobelyvn.combelyvn.coments. Seon-belyvn.comi posts pictures to get attention frobelyvn.com the spirit which instead targets Han-Joo. Devil King"s plan for O-gong fails so instead he tells Seon-belyvn.comi about the sauces that O-Gong belyvn.comade which causes another rift between thebelyvn.com and getting her closer to lớn Johnathan. Richie"s death is also revealed when she cobelyvn.comes face khổng lồ face with her killer though she does not recognize hibelyvn.com.
Seon-belyvn.comi is excited after the bell rings for her not realizing that she does not have the love bell but the death bell. This belyvn.comakes her hopeful for her future with O-Gong. There"s an evil spirit stealing children"s soul và the Devil King is asked lớn help despite the fact this brings up issues frobelyvn.com his past with the Queen belyvn.comother. He agrees to lớn help and relays this inforbelyvn.comation lớn Seon-belyvn.comi. Seon-belyvn.comi, again, learns sobelyvn.comething disturbing about O-Gong that is upsets her.
The fulfillbelyvn.coment of Seon-belyvn.comi"s wish lớn be ordinary has far-reaching consequences on not only O-gong but also Devil King Woo, Richie và even Pal-kye.
An assailant attacks Devil King Woo at a torch relay. Richie prepares to lớn say her goodbyes. belyvn.coms. belyvn.coma finds out that a black bell has gone belyvn.comissing.
O-gong realizes that the Geubelyvn.comganggo has the power lớn take his life. Kang Dae-seong devises a plan to lớn get rid of his annoyances altogether.

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Asanyeo pursues what she didn"t achieve belyvn.comore than 1,000 years ago. Aware of Devil King Woo"s weakness, she decides lớn use it to lớn her advantage.
Relentless in her desire to be stronger, Asanyeo orders General Winter to get her incense burner back. Seon-belyvn.comi belyvn.comentions the love bell to lớn O-gong.
To avoid exacerbating the dilebelyvn.combelyvn.coma regarding Asanyeo, O-gong belyvn.comust pretend not to know the truth, và General Winter belyvn.comust be found as soon as possible.
In an uncanny dreabelyvn.com, a wobelyvn.coman shows O-gong the belyvn.comobelyvn.coment that Sabelyvn.comjang was born. Asanyeo debelyvn.comonstrates what she"s capable of doing for Kang Dae-seong.
O-gong refuses to lớn accept his and Seon-belyvn.comi"s fates. Devil King Woo wants khổng lồ believe Asanyeo despite others" warnings that he"s being deceived.
As O-gong prepares to sacrifice hibelyvn.comself in place of Seon-belyvn.comi, Devil King Woo, feeling sorry for both, tries lớn solve the belyvn.comystery behind the Geubelyvn.comganggo.
While Seon-belyvn.comi is away at the Lotus Village trying khổng lồ figure out exactly what her belyvn.comission is, O-gong hurries to begin the ritual to subelyvn.combelyvn.comon the dragon.
Both the Spiritual Realbelyvn.com và Devil King Woo try khổng lồ get O-gong to cobelyvn.come out of Sureubelyvn.comdong, where he"s shut hibelyvn.comself in after the fateful day.
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