Format & Indent Code In Notepad++ By Code Formatter & Beautifier

Is there a keyboard shortcut lớn format code in Notepad++ ?I"m mainly working with HTML, CSS and Python code.

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For example:

% block title % % endblock % To:

% block title % % endblock % I remember Visual Studio doing it with Ctrl+K+D and NetBeans having the feature too but can"t find it within Notepad++, if it can even bởi it.



TextFX -> HTML Tidy -> Tidy: Reindent XML

Remember lớn have the HTML code selected before you do this.



there is such a plugin as UniversalIndentGUI, it can be installed right from the plugin manager & has possibilities khổng lồ reindent the most used programming languages.


If you go to TextFX menu & go lớn TextFX Edit, you will see a menu cửa nhà Reindent C++ Code.

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That will also format C# code.

ANSWER AS OF June 2019

Install the XML Tools plugin from the Plugin Admin (in Notepad++ 7.7 at least)

Then click Plugins -> XML Tools -> Pretty Print (XML Only with Line breaks)

That did it for me.

Here is a các mục of the available shortcuts in Notepad++.

In case your desired functionality is not available, you are able to define own macros and assign them to a custom shortcut (i am not used to use macros).

UPDATE: I will post the shortcuts here in case the liên kết gets invalid:

Shortcut CommandCtrl-C CopyCtrl-X CutCtrl-V PasteCtrl-Z UndoCtrl-Y RedoCtrl-A Select AllCtrl-F Launch Find DialogCtrl-H Launch Find / Replace DialogCtrl-D Duplicate Current LineCtrl-L Delete Current LineCtrl-T Switch the current line position with the previous line positionF3 Find NextShft-F3 Find PreviousCtrl-Shft-F Find in FilesCtrl-F3 Find (volatil) NextCtrl-Shft-F3 Find (volatil) PreviousCtrl-Shft-I Incremental SearchCtrl-S Save FileCtrl-Alt-S Save AsCtrl-Shft-S Save AllCtrl-O xuất hiện FileCtrl-N New FileCtrl-F2 Toggle BookmarkF2 Go to lớn Next Bookmark Shft-F2 Go to lớn Previous BookmarkCtrl-G Launch GoToLine DialogCtrl-W Close Current DocumentAlt-Shft-Arrow keys or alt + Left mouse click Column Mode SelectF5 Launch Run DialogCtrl-Space Launch CallTip ListBoxAlt-Space Launch Word Completion ListBoxTab (selection of several lines) Insert Tabulation or Space (Indent)Shft-Tab (selection of several lines) Remove Tabulation or Space (outdent)Ctrl-(Keypad-/Keypad+) or Ctrl + mouse wheel butto Zoom in (+ or up) and Zoom out (- or down)Ctrl-Keypad/ Restore the original kích thước from zoom F11 Toggle Full Screen ModeCtrl-Tab Next DocumentCtrl-Shft-Tab Previous DocumentCtrl-Shft-Up Move Current Line UpCtrl-Shft-Down Move Current Line DownCtrl-Alt-F Collapse the Current LevelCtrl-Alt-Shft-F Uncollapse the Current LevelAlt-0 Fold AllAlt-(1~8) Collapse the cấp độ (1~8)Alt-Shft-0 Unfold AllAlt-Shft-(1~8) Uncollapse the cấp độ (1~8)Ctrl-BackSpace Delete to lớn start of wordCtrl-Delete Delete to end of wordCtrl-Shft-BackSpace Delete lớn start of lineCtrl-Shft-Delete Delete to over of lineCtrl-U Convert to lower caseCtrl-Shft-U Convert lớn UPPER CASECtrl-B Go lớn matching braceCtrl-Shft-R Start lớn record /Stop recording the macroCtrl-Shft-P Play recorded macroCtrl-Q Block comment/uncommentCtrl-Shft-Q Stream commentCtrl-Shft-T Copy current line to lớn clipboardCtrl-P PrintAlt-F4 ExitCtrl-I Split LinesCtrl-J Join LinesCtrl-Alt-R Text Direction RTLCtrl-Alt-L Text Direction LTF1 About