Description: Adobe Flash is an important component to any user who uses the internet. It is important khổng lồ keep Adobe Flash up-to-date, & Adobe has different options that the user can select for how Adobe Flash gets its updates. This article will detail the steps on how to change the update settings for Adobe Flash in Windows 7.

Bạn đang xem: Adobe fixes 7 critical flaws, blocks flash player content

Click the Start Button in the bottom left corner of the screen.
Click Control Panel.
In the upper right corner of the Control Panel, if "view by" is set lớn "Category", click Category.
Select either Large icons or Small icons.
Click Flash Player (32-bit).
Click on the Advanced tab in the Flash Player Settings window.
Click on Change Update Settings.
If a message appears asking if the program can make changes on the computer, click Yes to lớn allow it. By default, the option lớn Allow Adobe khổng lồ install updates (recommended) is selected. While this is the recommended option because it allows for seamless updating without the user needing to vị it themselves, some may prefer lớn choose lớn install the updates when it is convenient for them. If this is the desired option, click the radio button next to Notify me lớn install updates.

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